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Fire Safety for Suppression Systems

Having a high-quality fire alarm and testing this alarm with detector testers is a good start to optimal fire safety, but every business should have fire suppression systems. These systems, usually sprinkler systems but often clean agent suppression systems, offer a way to combat any fire. Fire suppression systems work in tandem with alarms in a connected fire safety system. When fire alarm’s sound, they trigger suppression systems to put out the fire.


How Suppression Systems Can Go Wrong

It’s clear that checking the accuracy and sensitivity of your business’s smoke detectors with high-quality detector testers from SDi Fire reduces the likelihood that these alarms function improperly during a fire. For greater fire safety, suppression systems must also be checked regularly to ensure they work with smoke and fire detectors and they activate correctly.

If the suppression systems don’t respond to the fire alarm or if the clean agent suppression systems are low on fire retardant gasses, they will be ineffectual in the case of a fire. For the best fire safety practices, you should check all suppression system cylinders for leaks and low agents.


Reach Optimal Fire Safety With One of These Products

Clean Agent Suppression Systems Testers

  • Portalevel Max
    • The newest and most advanced portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator available, the Portalevel Max uses ultrasonic technology to gauge the level of cylinders with any typical fire retardant agents. UL Listed.
  • Portalevel Standard
    • This simple and effective piece of fire safety test equipment is widely used in more than 100 countries. It also uses ultrasound technology to check the levels of fire extinguishing cylinders filled with Halon, CO2, or Halon substitutes.
  • Portalevel Mini
    • Using some of the same technology that makes the Portalevel Standard and Portalevel Max such popular suppression system testers, the Portalevel Mini allows users to test equipment with their hands-free.
  • Portalevel DataLogger
    • This device tests cylinder levels with the accuracy of all Portalevel products, but it includes the feature to upload this information to your computer. It stores 1,000 cylinder readings at one time and plugs easily into any computer with a USB cable.
  • Portagauge 3
    • Tests not the levels of the fire suppression cylinder’s contents but of the cylinder itself. An easy-to-use interface makes checking the corrosion levels and metal thickness of cylinders easier than ever.
  • Portaguage 4
    • The latest version of the Portagauge no longer includes the thickness of coating and paint when it measures the metal thickness.
  • Portasteele
    • Replace manual calculations to determine the fill-weight of extinguishant in a cylinder. With Portasteele, simply input the measurements from a Portalevel device to determine the fill-weight.
  • Portapipe
    • Test the integrity of piping by easily locating leaks or weak spots.
  • Permalevel Load Weigh
    • Monitors the weight of fire suppression system cylinders. Alarm sounds once a cylinder’s mass decreases by 5%.


Suppression System Testers Unique to Sprinkler Systems

  • Portascanner
    • Test how watertight sprinkler systems are and inspect the integrity of any watertight compartment.
  • Portamonitor
    • Monitors stress in machinery using ultrasonic technology. Check bearings, other rotating machinery, and all around stress-levels of suppression systems.


Fire Safety with SDi Fire

Fire protection starts with having equipment in good condition. Regularly testing all fire safety equipment keeps your business and valuables safe from harm. SDi Fire is proud to provide you with only the highest-quality fire protection equipment.