Multicriteria Detector Testing

Multicriteria Detector Testers

Different national and state laws mandate that businesses test their fire and carbon monoxide detectors on a regular basis. Multicriteria detector testers help you perform these tests efficiently. Testing your fire and carbon monoxide detectors ensures efficient fire safety procedures within your business.

Some insurance companies also offer discounts when businesses prove that they regularly test their detectors. If, however, a business cannot verify their systems have been regularly tested, insurance companies will be less likely to pay that business’s claim if a fire occurs.

Multicriteria detector testers, including Testifire 1001 and Testifire 2001, create smoke, heat and CO in a single unit, making it a great option for testing detectors in any business.

About Our Products

The Testifire was the first multicriteria detector on the market. It makes testing both single and multi-sensor detectors simpler and more efficient. Testifire 1001 tests sensors by producing heat and smoke, and the Testifire 2001 tests sensors by producing heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide in a single unit. Testifire, depending on a business’s needs, can deliver each stimulus individually or deliver all three stimuli simultaneously. These multicriteria detector testers produce smoke, carbon monoxide and heat without pressurized cans or hazardous materials, such as silicone.

Testifire produces more than one stimulus at a time, lowering the overall testing time to 66%. Testifire also uses a clearing cycle, which allows detectors to reset without triggering their alarms again. Businesses that use these multicriteria detector testers save time with a module that links to a third party reporting software. Directly reporting the Testifire’s findings saves precious time and labor.

Accessories for Multicriteria Detector Testers

SDi Fire sells everything you need to keep your Testifire charged and prepared for testing. We offer smoke capsules compatible with both the Testifire 1001 and Testifire 2001 models. These capsules come in a pack of three and are good for 600 uses. The Testifire carbon monoxide capsules work for both Testifire models and are also available in packs of three. Each capsule lasts 150 uses. We offer the Solo 760 Battery Baton to keep the Testifire running on even the biggest projects. These interchangeable, non-hazardous batteries work in both Testifire models.

For extra large projects or regular use, we sell the Solo 726 Battery Charger. It charges 760 Battery Batons at a rapid charging rate, so you can test your detectors quickly and get back to more important aspects of your business.

SDi Fire sells only the highest quality products. We believe in the importance of fire safety, and we want to provide businesses with the best tools to protect their products and employees. If you prefer solo detector testers, check out our heat detector testers, smoke detector testers or carbon monoxide detector tester.

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