TAURI 7 Receives 2021 Secure Campus Award

SDi is pleased to announce that the TAURI 7 Temperature Check Tablet is a 2021 Secure Campus Awards recipient and is being recognized for its outstanding achievement in the Screening Equipment category.

SDi has partnered with Glory Star to bring customers access to TAURI Temperature Check Tablets in response to the need for safe, accurate and reliable temperature checks. TAURI is designed to protect employees, visitors, and customers with a non-invasive temperature check by using advanced and proven technology for detecting heat signatures emitted by the human body.

The TAURI 7 combines the TAURI temperature checking technology with additional features such as a dual camera for better facial recognition of staff profiles that can be saved to the device. It also has a built in TCPIP relay for door access control, ensuring only those without a fever can enter the building. Additionally, the TAURI 7 features a waterproof anti-glare screen, making it more versatile and ideal for outdoor use.

April 8, 2021