About Us

Our History

SDi, LLC was first created in 1996. Originally, we distributed only a small range of detector testing tools. Since then, we’ve grown from offering just three core products for testing smoke and heat detectors to dozens of fire alarm testing products manufactured by a broad array of top-quality suppliers all over the world.

Who We Are

SDi, LLC is the world’s leading provider of specialized equipment for the fire protection and security industries. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and unmatched customer services.

SDi maintains affiliations with key industry associations as well as several National Fire Protection Association committees to ensure we are knowledgeable and well-versed in the latest fire protection technologies and standards. With SDi, you can expect to find nothing less than exceptional products, unparalleled service and innovative solutions to the fire and security industries.

What We Do

SDi, LLC provides professional security and fire alarm testing equipment to corporate, industrial and commercial clients across the globe. We have been providing manufacturer approved and UL listed products for over two decades now and we are the leading provider of such products in the fire protection industry.

Some of our clients include NASA, Disney and Seaworld, and our products can even be found inside the halls of Buckingham Palace. At SDi, LLC, our products and services are not limited by borders – we serve clients on all continents, including Antarctica.

Why SDi, LLC?

At SDi, LLC we make it our goal to maintain key relationships with manufacturers and industry association affiliation, and we boast a very diverse, multilingual staff, to best service our vast clientele.

In addition, all of our products are Silicone-free. Silicones are detrimental to the efficacy of your fire alarm testing and inspection products because they can cling to the surface of a detector and entrap particles to its surface. These polymers ultimately inhibit the detector’s sensitivity to fire and can also cause plastics to decay.

When it’s all said and done, SDi focuses on innovation over imitation, variety over exclusivity and quality over inferiority. Our products are much higher in quality and more durable than those from our competitors, so you never have to worry about receiving an inferior product.

Experience the quality and dedication of SDi, LLC for yourself. Contact us today for additional information about our products, services or to order your fire alarm testing and inspection equipment.