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Join us for an upoming webinar!
Our training sessions provide the perfect opportunity to understand the options available for carrying out functional testing of detectors.
March 20th @11am MST

Testifire XTR2 takes testing to the next level. A report is automatically created as testing is carried out, combining all the data needed to prove testing has taken place and confirming the status of each detector. The user-friendly cloud portal gives an instant overview of work carried out, making it easy to share test reports with clients and gain insight on the status of the Testifire XTR2 devices.

Presenter: Mariana Ferguson

January 31st @11am EST

Using detector testers to check the sensitivity of fire alarms is not only required by law but will also give you greater control over the sensitivity of the fire alarms you’re inspecting. Join SDi as we discuss the importance of smoke detector sensitivity testing and take you through how to perform a test with Trutest.

Presenter: Pat Ryan and TJ Haluska