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Join us for an upoming webinar!
Our training sessions provide the perfect opportunity to understand the options available for carrying out functional testing of detectors.
June 12th @3:00pm EST

Join SDi for a webinar on speech intelligibility testing. Brandon Heffernan, Southeast Business Development Manager will give an overview of what the STI and STIPA are, as well as demonstrate how to use the Bedrock devices to measure speech intelligibility.

Presenter: Brandon Heffernan

**LIVE AT NFPA**   June 17th @4:30pm EST

Demonstrating compliance when testing detectors is important for building owners and is something that service companies should be able to assist with. Testifire XTR2 takes testing to the next level by automatically generating reports as testing is carried out to prove that testing has taken place.

Presenters: Brandon Heffernan, Pat Ryan, & Ed Fuentes

March 20th @11am MST

A conversation based webinar focused on Testifire XTR2. Testifire XTR2 combines testing and reporting to provide insights on the detectors being tested. As testing is carried out, a report is automatically created, combining data to prove that testing has taken place and confirming the status of each detector. This webinar will cover everything you need to know about the device itself, the DetectorTesters Connect app, and the cloud portal. We invite you to turn your microphone on and ask away as we uncover everything you need to know about Testifire XTR2.

Presenter: Mariana Ferguson and Joe Cagiano