Heat Detector Testing

In addition to testing your smoke detectors, regular heat detector testing is not only required by NFPA standards, but is absolutely essential to ensuring proper fire safety.

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Solo 423/424

Regularly testing your heat detectors is vital to the safety of your employees and your products, as well as your building itself. Read about the heat detector tester options available through SDi Fire. We offer the best in detector testers and equipment from Solo, including tester kits and accessories.

Solo 423/424 Corded Heat Detector Tester

The Solo 423/424 corded heat detector tester is lightweight, simple-to-use, and features a universal design to suit a wide range of detectors. The Solo 423/424 features some of the quickest detector activation times and features a 16-foot cable for additional range of motion. This detector tester is suitable for fixed temperature, rate-of-rise, and combination detectors.

Solo 460 Heat Detector Tester

The Solo 460 heat detector tester is a battery powered tester that features a universal and easy-to-use design. This detector has a unique IR activation and uses Cross Air Technology for optimum energy use and results. The Solo 460 can be adjusted to reach angled surfaces, as well.