Smoke Detector Sensitivity Testing

Not all detectors are as sensitive as businesses need. Over time, smoke detector sensitivity can drift. They may grow more sensitive or less sensitive, but either way, this fluctuation in sensitivity can cause the alarm to be ineffectual. Using detector testers to check the sensitivity of fire alarms is not only required by law but will also give you greater control over the sensitivity of the fire alarms you’re inspecting. SDi fire offers one of the best detector sensitivity testers on the market with Trutest.

Trutest 801

Trutest combines functional and sensitivity testing in one convenient package by adding smoke aerosol to the detector’s sensing chamber. Some detector sensitivity testers need to test the detector multiple times to get a reading on whether the detector has drifted in sensitivity. This, in itself, does not give an accurate reading of how sensitive the detector truly is. These two-test detectors can only tell you how much the detector has drifted since the first test, but it will not tell you whether that means the sensitivity is wrong now or was wrong in the past. Trutest uses only one test to read the precise detector sensitivity, so you can know whether the detector needs to be recalibrated.

  • Reduces false alarms
  • Battery operated and portable
  • Simple to use
  • Suits most detectors – both ionization and photoelectric
  • Calibrated and results in % / ft
  • Automatically self-calibrates before each test
  • UL Listed
  • Also available in Trutest 800 Kit (includes Solo 100 pole and case of Smoke 400 aerosol)


Smoke 400

Smoke 400 is an aerosol to be used with the Trutest 801 in order to test the detector sensitivity of ionization or photoelectric smoke detectors. Sold with Trutest in the 800 Kit or available separately.

  • 9.5oz can
  • UL Listed
  • Non-flammable
  • For use with Trutest 801