Alarm Component Testers

Alarm systems have many components that can fail or lose effectiveness over time. SDi Fire can provide you with alarm component testers to make sure your alarms don’t degrade and make sure they are operating properly.

Cell Checker

decibel tester

DB02 Decibel Checker

Power Checker

Duct Checker

DB01 Decibel Checker

AV Checker

View Checker

Over time alarm components can corrode and become contaminated with dirt and various other contaminants. An essential part of fire safety is making sure that these components continue to work the way they should. Our alarm component testers are extremely accurate and can help make sure your systems are working at peak efficiency. When adhering to fire safety regulations you have to stay on top of your alarm systems. SDi Fire has the products to help you with testing your alarm components.

Use These Products To Optimize Fire Safety

  • Cell Checker
    • For testing batteries. Tests battery performance and lets you know when a battery is weakening or failing.
  • dB Checker
    • Tests audible public emergency alarm appliances. This device is for measuring  decibels.
  • Power Checker
    • Offers accurate pulse load testing. Tests battery condition and state of charge for over 40 different battery types. Especially ideal for wireless detectors.
  • Duct Checker
    • Made for sampling airstreams in duct detectors.
  • DB Checker
    • For A or C frequency weighting and fast and slow time weighting. Includes 4 plugs.
  • AV Checker
    • Tests to make sure duct detector is sampling air velocity correctly. Also has a digital thermometer function.
  • View Checker
    • This device is used for capturing still images and video clips of hard to see areas. Ideal for HVAC Duct Inspection.

SDi Fire Has the Testers You Need

SDi Fire only supplies the best in fire safety technology. Our products conform to the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code standards. When you use our products you can rest assured that they are the best in the industry. Don’t allow your fire alarm systems to become degraded or compromised. Fire safety requires vigilance and alarm component testers makes fire safety easy. When alarm components are ignored, they can be expensive to replace or repair in the long run. Keeping good care of them is not only the safe thing to do, it’s the cost-effective thing to do. SDi fire makes sure our equipment is high quality so you can keep your equipment in high-quality condition. Contact SDi fire today or view our website to get more information about our products.