December 2017 – Solo 365 is now available!

SDi is proud to announce that Solo 365 – the innovative new smoke detector tester – is here! Using advanced cartridge technology, the Solo 365 eliminates the need for canned aerosol, resulting in a lighter and more efficient solution. Solo 365 is the fastest way to test and clear detectors.

In addition to its utilization of advanced smoke cartridge technology, the Solo 365 also has a built-in fan for fast clearing of detectors and preventing re-alarms. Its slim-line design makes it easier to access detectors in hard-to-reach locations, and it features a bright LED light that automatically turns on in darkness, illuminating dimly lit areas. Head over to the smoke detector testing product page to view the full product sheet or request a quote.

September 2017 – SDi Has Moved!

After a very long and tiring process, we have finally moved into a new space to allow us to better serve all of our customers’ needs! You can check out some pictures of the new place below and from now on, our new address will be:

3535 Route 66, Building 6,
Neptune, NJ 07753

July 2017 – New Aerosol Regulation Changes

As some of you may or may not know, aerosol regulations will be changing in 2018. Effective December 31, 2017, aerosol smoke detector testers that utilize HFC-134a as a propellant will no longer be manufactured under the new EPA Rule 20. They will not be banned, however, due to the serious benefits and the importance they play in the life safety arena. This means that products like Solo A4 will still be able to be shipped and sold throughout 2018 or until supplies are exhausted. Other of our products, such as Smoke Centurion and Smoke Sabre, will remain unaffected by this changing of regulations. As for alternatives to Solo A4, we will be supplying a new and improved non-flammable smoke detector testing aerosol that fully complies with the new EPA Rule 20; Solo A10. In addition, we are also excited to announce the release of Solo 365; an innovative new tester for the functional testing of smoke detectors. Solo 365 delivers smoke via smoke cartridges offering faster, simpler and cleaner testing. You can expect to see the launch of Solo 365 in the fourth quarter of 2017.

For more information on NFPA compliance under the new EPA Rule 20, please click here to read a letter from SDi President, Rick Heffernan.

December 2016 – SDi Product Registration

Over the past few years, we have introduced a great number of new products at SDi. Among these are some of the most advanced technologies we have to offer so far, and include cutting-edge software. While we proceed to focus on supplying the same high quality products that SDi is known for, we are also continuously improving the specifications of our most advanced offerings. These improvements often come in the form of free software updates, all of which can be easily downloaded and installed at your convenience. Product software updates often increase functionality, eliminate bugs, and maximize performance.
In addition to improvement, our service department is constantly working hard to make sure your devices are correctly calibrated and working properly. With these facts considered, SDi would like to announce that some our serviceable products now have the option of being registered online. By registering your product, you will be entered into our database to receive up-to-date information, including notification when a product software update becomes available to download. You will also receive a reminder when your product is due for calibration, and will be the first to know of any new product features that may become available. Registering is easy and only takes a minute – just fill out the form on our Product Registration page.