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Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection Equipment

The NFPA sets guidelines for fire alarm testing, and we at SDi Fire want to help you follow those guidelines to ensure a safe working environment and the protection of your products. Over the last twenty years, according to the NFPA, nonresidential fires have annually resulted in $2 billion in damages. In 2013, these fires caused 70 civilian deaths and 1,500 injuries. Regular fire alarm testing greatly reduces the risks of severe damage and injury.  

Using the Latest Fire Alarm Testing Equipment

Detector Testers

We offer detector testers for smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices release enough heat, smoke or carbon monoxide into the air to trigger your detector without risking injury to yourself or damage to your building or detector. Along with these detector testers, we also provide any accessories needed, including batteries, battery chargers, access poles, removal tools and cleansers. We also provide any refill capsules you might need for your smoke detector testers, carbon monoxide detector testers or multicriteria detector testers.

Detector Sensitivity Testers

Detector sensitivity testers introduce smoke to the detector in measured amounts. The sensitivity tester then feeds information through a microprocessor, giving you an informed measure of your detector’s sensitivity to smoke. Testing the sensitivity of your detectors lowers the risk of false alarms. More importantly, they also lead to fewer late alarms through under-sensitive detectors. SDi Fire offers smoke aerosol and a full smoke detector sensitivity tester kit as well.

Alarm Component Testers

At times, fire alarm testing involves more than testing the sensors on your business’s smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. Sometimes you need to know whether your air duct smoke detectors are working or whether your detectors’ batteries are fully charged. We offer the Duct Checker to sample the airstream in your duct detectors. We also have multiple tools for checking batteries for detectors, and we have decibel checkers as well. These tools, with the smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors, give you everything you need to effectively check and manage your entire system of detectors and alarms.

Come to SDi Fire for Your Alarm Testing Needs

SDi Fire has provided quality fire, heat and carbon monoxide detector testers and fire alarm testing equipment since 1996. We aim to provide the very best, and we are passionate about keeping your business and employees safe. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact SDi Fire today. We hope that our wide range of excellent products meets your needs.