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decibel testerWhy a Decibel Tester?

An important tool among the fire safety equipment that SDi Fire has to offer is the decibel tester. The purpose of a decibel tester functions as a significant part of the fire alarm testing process. In the event of a fire emergency, you need to know that the volume of the alarm system will be enough to warn everyone who is in danger, alerting them that they need to start moving toward an exit as is part of the fire safety plan.

The Sound Measuring System of Decibel Testers

How loud a sound seems can be subjective to whoever is listening. When it comes to how loud it truly is, science allows us to measure it on an objective scale. What makes one noise seem louder than another is the amount of energy that the sound is pumping toward the listener in the form of pressure variations in the air. Decibel testers measure sound levels by calculating the pressure of the sound waves traveling through the air from your fire alarm. Using the Sound Pressure Level scale that Alexander Graham Bell (pioneer of the telephone) formulated, measures sound intensity in units called Decibels.

SDi Fire has two different models of decibel testers: the dB Checker (DB01) and the dB Checker (DB02). As all of our products are, they are professional quality, meet all regulatory standards and are easy to use.

SDi Fire is a leader in the fire safety industry because we strongly believe in excellence in quality and service. Our innovative designs make it easier to provide routine fire alarm testing could save property and lives.

SDi Fire: Quality You Can Trust With Your Life

That may all sound general to you, but having products that you can trust with your safety is crucial. If, in an emergency, your fire alarm went off and the sound wasn’t adequate to travel and reach everywhere that it needed to, it could claim the lives of people in your business or home.

The small, easy to use decibel checker can routinely test the amount of sound that your fire alarm is putting out so that you will know if there is a problem with your fire protection plan before there is a crisis.

If you’re unsure about the fire alarm testing and inspecting equipment that you need for your business or home or how to use them, contact SDi Fire today. We pride ourselves on unparalleled service, and we are passionate about ensuring your safety. We would love to help you find a solution that will provide the ultimate fire protection plan for your home or business.