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Rick Heffernan Participates in a Podcast Hosted by the Association for Smarter Homes and Buildings

On March 15th, Rick Heffernan, Group Vice President, Americas – Codes, Standards & Strategy, joined a panel of distinguished experts on a podcast titled “Exploring the Evolution and Future of Fire Alarm Systems in Smart Buildings and Home.” The podcast, hosted by the Association for Smarter Homes and Buildings (ASHB), delved into the realm of fire alarm systems in smart buildings and homes. This podcast was inspired by a Whitepaper that was developed in 2021 and officially launched in 2023, which became one of ASHB’s most popular publications. Rick was invited to participate in the podcast along with three other individuals from the working group, including Suzanne Alfano, Dr. Rodger W. Reiswig, and Birgitte Messerschmidt. Topics that were covered in both the paper and podcast included regulations and codes and standards from a global perspective, new and emerging technologies in fire detection as well as challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The podcast is available to listeners on both Spotify and Apple and is available on the ASHB website.

March 22, 2024