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Solo Battery Upgrade Program: Upgrade your Solo 760 to a Solo 770

Still using the old 760 battery baton and 726 battery charger? Improve your efficiency on-site by upgrading to the Solo 770 Battery Baton and Solo 727 Charger with SDi’s new Solo Battery Upgrade Program. Beginning February 1, 2023, existing customers will receive a 15% discount when upgrading a Solo 760 Battery Baton and Solo 726 Battery Charger to the newer models – the Solo 770 Battery Baton and Solo 727 Charger. Just like the Solo 760 and 726, the Solo 770 and Solo 727 are compatible with the Solo 460 Cordless Heat Tester, Testifire 1000   Smoke and Heat tester, Testifire 2000 Smoke, Heat, and CO tester, and Scorpion 7000 and 8000 Scorpion Controllers.

Why upgrade to the Solo 770 and the Solo 727?

The Solo 770 Battery Baton is a higher capacity version (3000mAh) of the Solo 760 (2200mAh). It allows greater efficiency on-site as it provides more tests per battery, for the same charge time as before (approximately 60-90 minutes) but provided by the new Solo 727 charger. This Solo 727 charger provides the same functionality as before – enabling fast charging of Battery Batons from both wall outlets and in-vehicle outlets.

How to dispose of an old battery baton

In November 2022, SDi announced a partnership with Call2Recycle, a nonprofit battery recycling program.  All batteries that SDi disposes of are safely collected and transported to an approved network of sorters and processors.  Call2Recyle is third party certified to the highest standards of responsible recycling and is the first battery recycling program to obtain Responsible Recycling (R2) Certification. After upgrading your Solo 760 Battery Baton, SDi encourages users to properly dispose of the old battery by bringing it to a nearby Call2Recycle Drop Off Center.

Ready to upgrade to the newer, more efficient Solo 770 Battery Baton and Solo 727 Charger? Contact your SDi Business Development Manager.


*The Solo Battery Upgrade Program is offered through SDi. This program is only applied when existing SDi customers upgrade a Solo 760 Battery Baton and 726 Battery Charger to a Solo 770 Battery Baton and Solo 727 Battery Charger. New customers are not eligible to receive the discount.


February 1, 2023