SDi Fire

Rick Heffernan Participates in NEMA’s Let’s Talk Fire & Life Safety Podcast Series

SDi President, Rick Heffernan, and his colleague, Maria Marks of Siemens, recently participated in a podcast hosted by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). The podcast is part of a series called “Let’s Talk Fire & Life Safety” which was launched to provide the most most up to date information about fire and life safety codes and standards and emerging trends in the industry.

During the podcast, Rick and Maria discuss the recently published standard –  NFPA 915 – Standard for Remote Inspections and Test. NFPA 915 provides the minimum requirements for the procedures, methods transmission, data collection and documentation associated with remote inspections and tests.  Methods for conducting remote inspections and tests can range from handheld devices to other means, including, but not limited to, unmanned aircraft systems. Rick shares the importance of NFPA 915, why a new standard was developed, and the standards that tie into NFPA 915.

July 31, 2023