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How Can Testifire Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to Testifire, there are numerous benefits including its ability to test single and multi-sensor detectors, ability to test hi-heat, and its use of capsule technology. However, one major benefit of switching to Testifire is its ability to save both time and money. 

To show the expected payback delivered by a switch to Testifire, SDi has developed an efficiency calculator that is designed to show the benefit in terms of time saving, ‘smoke’ cost saving and ultimately, investment payback. With this switch comes a 34% Testifire capsule saving when compared to aerosols.

The key benefit of switching to Testifire is productivity. Research shows us that in the majority of cases most technicians are regularly being asked to test smoke and heat – either as separate single sensor detectors or as multi-sensors.

This can of course be achieved using two separate testers, but with this comes the need to change head units and carry multiple tools, both these factors add time to the site visit and increase disruption around the site. As a multicriteria tester, Testifire eliminates the need to carry multiple test tools and make the switch between testing head units on site. Additionally, Testifire has the ability to avoid re-alarms through a built-in clearing mode.

We were drawn to the Testifire because it seemed like it was more efficient in the field. We also really liked the idea of cutting down on waste by using the smoke and CO capsules."

Switching to Testifire comes with an initial investment cost however, by comparing the cost with the productivity gains, the payback on the investment is surprisingly quick. 

If you’re an existing Solo user, try our calculator by entering a few details about your current testing and you will receive a tailored calculation on how you can save by switching to Testifire.

The SDi team is available and happy to answer any questions you may have about making the switch. Feel free to reach out to your Business Development Manager.

October 24, 2022